It was meant to be my personal blog, with personal stuff, but then the TV love snuck in there, and here we are.

To add to my Melissa has been protecting Spencer by being the leader of Team B theory:

  • She was outside her house with CeCe the night Ali disappeared, which means she could have seen Spencer.
  • She said she’d been protecting Spencer “since it started.  Since before it started.”

Before what started?  I’m guessing A stalking them.  What would she protect her from before that?  Either The Jenna Thing, or she saw her do something to Ali.

As much as Aria bothers me, I am going to be so sad when she realizes that Ezra is the predator that has been terrorizing them. It is going to break her.

She is the one that has been through the least amount of pain out of all four of them, but this is going to destroy her in ways that are going to be as long lasting, if not more than the rest of them.

There are no healthy relationships after this. There is no trust for years to come, and maybe not ever if she doesn’t get the emotional and mental help that’s she’s going to need after finding out that this man she loved was a monster.

We’ve known all along, even before we knew he was A, because he was an adult in a position of power that slept with an underage girl that was his student. It has always been wrong. It has always been disgusting, but she was a girl in love that never saw that.

That moment it hits her that this man was sleeping with her 13 year old friend, that he’s been stalking her other friends, terrifying them, sending them to therapy, sleepless nights, framing them for murder, physically assaulting them, trapping them, all the while seducing her and laying his hands upon her, hands that have committed unspeakable crimes… She is going to crack.

It’s not a matter of her being strong or weak, it’s a matter of her being young and human. No one can reasonably be able to handle and process all of that information without breaking down.

And so, yes, I have Aria issues, but she does not deserve this.