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6 FAVOURITE MOMENTS - Snow & Regina (asked by lanamparrillas)

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Holy Ship!

Do we believe Cora or not?

This is, by far, the best scene in Once Upon A Time.  IMO.  I can analyze this for days, and I’m sure someone has or will and it will be beautiful, because this relationship is so unbelievably damaged and painful. 

If the entire show was like this, I’d be recommending it all day, every day.  This was perfect.

Cora is crazy. Regina is straight out backing away from her, while her disturbing mother walks all creepily toward her.

'Honey, I know why you tried to kill me and I understand, because I totally would have done the same thing.  It's really okay.'

'Crazy McCrazy Mom, it really is not okay.  I was absolutely out of my mind.  Seriously, it was not okay.’

'I love you, child that I completely damaged.'

'Basically, I hate you, why don't you just die?  Please? I mean, you framed me.'

'To show you that you are Forever Alone, without me.’

'To make me feel horrible about life, and take me to the point of desolation so you could save me like the insane person you are.'

'Well, yes.'

When Regina says, “I think it’s not alright”, my heart broke for her.  This woman was who she had to look up to.  This monster that thinks that matricide is alright, and Regina is letting her conscious come back and man, that is going to be a rough and horrible road, because no, it’s not alright.  The things that she did, matricide, patricide, murder, torture, those things were not alright damn it, and if this is done properly, Regina is going to need a hell of a lot of more therapy, and possibly some padded walls for when she realizes the extent of the monster she became.

"Emma, and Henry, and the two idiots."

and the two idiots. hahaha I love Regina

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apparently no one means regina or (+)…

And that’s why Rumpelstiltskin wanted her and used her and helped to shape her, because she is stronger and can take more pain than she’s given credit for.  And that’s why she is going to beat Cora.  And that is why she is going to beat Rumpelstiltskin.  Because Regina Mills is strong and she is trying so very hard to be better and with those two things she will become unstoppable, but this time, it won’t be for evil.  So run Cora, and run Rumpelstiltskin, because you both have so much to pay for.